Createchnic provides solutions for improving the efficiency of logistics processes. In case if you are a cargo distribution company, own warehouses and/or cross dock hubs, our solutions will help you increase capacity while providing very reasonable ROIs.

With the experience gained from various different projects from different fields, our engineers will offer you the best mechanical or software solution (Logistics ERP with sister company Logi3PL) to help you succeed a seamless, cost efficient and reliable system.

We provide sortation, conveying and telescopic systems. Small item sorter is very cost effective and useful for various distribution applications such as; document, brochure, textiles, toys and shoe boxes. Conveying systems vary depending on customer`s requirements and application and telescopic system provide a very effective loading and unloading of trucks. Depending on customer requirements, all mechanical systems have the ability to be tracked remotely and connected to Logistics ERP system.

For big size sorter applications, up to 15.000 units/hr. we offer solutions with our business partner Budde GmbH, Germany. Budde provides solutions for tire sortation, cross belt sorter for cargo sortation and telescopic conveying systems.

In today`s ecommerce world, getting orders and processing them introduces a big tackle to seamless process. Most warehouses use order pickers, forklifts and similar items to process orders. It is very important to keep these trucks moving to meet customer demands. Therefore, we offer Battery Handling System products which help manage, change, and maintain batteries in a systematic matter. A heavy battery change duration may reduce down to 2-3 minutes. If you are interested in these solutions please click on the link.

Our company provides 7/24 technical support in all Turkey. All our components are tracked with our own technical support software where the operators can track with Android phones. Weak spots and units where spares and maintenance works are intensive are repo
rted and analyzed for permanent improvements.