Small to Mid Sized Items Sorter

  • Vertical and horizontal bin sorter

Custom Sortation System

  • Developed and manufactured depending on the specific application
  • Mid to large item sorter
  • Cross belt sorter


  • E-commerce warehouse and cross dock hubs
  • Postal and courier services
  • Cargo companies
  • Textiles, fashion, toys, shoes warehouses and cross dock hubs

Crea – Budde Cross Belt Sorter

  • Turkey`s largest sortation system was installed and implement with Budde GmbH in 2016 for Aras Cargo company.
  • Application consultation services for new and different applications
  • Logi3PL soft (Logistics ERP) connected and integration modules available for alternative ERP systems
  • All development and production cycle is completed in house
  • Meeting demands by providing a wide product range with our solution partners
  • Preparation of invoices and truck bag barcodes. Man-hour reduction not only in operations but also in accompanying departments.
  • AS/RS solution integrated with various sorter solutions.


Crea – Sort ND11®

    • Advantages
  • Due to its modular design, increasing capacity and modification of trays for different applications is very easy.
  • LGCSOFT (WMS) talks directly with Createchnic`s whole product range. Therefore, for SMEs and new warehouses shifting to automation will take only a few days.
  • Since whole product development cycle is carried in house, technical support excels and achieves an almost continuous uptime.
  • Very high accuracy in sortation with various products.
  • With the help of vertical bins, floor space consumed by the machine is minimized.
  • Very high ROI possibilities. Offering IMaaS (Industrial Machine as a service) This means the customer have the opportunity to rent the machine for a given period of time with and without an operator.
  • All our machines are tagged with barcodes allowing the end users for remote monitoring.
  • AS/RS order pickers and sorters communicate with each other to provide a seamless, integrated solution.

Crea – Special Sorter Applications

    • Avantajları

– Farklı ürün ve uygulama tiplerine yönelik, proje mühendisliği ve ürün geliştirilmesi.

– LGCSoft® (depo ve nakliye yönetim yazılım) ile entegre olarak çalışması sayesinde yeni kurulan firmalar ve KOBİ ler için hızlı devreye alma

–  Yerli mühendislik,  tasarım, üretim  ile 7/24 yerel teknik destek ve minimum downtime başarısı.

–  Farklı üreticilerin komponentlerinin kullanımı sayesinde istenilen sayıda şut ve kapasite için planlama imkanı.

–  Torba sevk barkodu, irsaliyesi ve firma ana serveri ile hızlı entegrasyon.

– Farklı uygulamar için AS/RS  (Crea – AP11 ®) sistemleri ile entegrasyon ve farklı sorter tipleri (ND11® dahil) ile hibrit kullanım olanağı.