Telescopic conveying systems are high effective during loading and unloading operations in warehouses.  This may be considered the first step from manual operation to automated operation.

  • Createchnic offers telescopic conveying systems for different sizes. These systems are used in various customers under heavy loading conditions. High quality and low cost should be achieved.
  • Budde GmbH is an internationally recognized manufacturer of telescopic systems. There are installations in various countries such as India, Mexico, and China etc. Createchnic is the authorized solution partner of Budde products in and neighboring countries of Turkey.


  • Duration of unloading and loading of trucks can be reduced up to 50% in hours.
  • Offered in various lengths (depending on truck sizes), heights and widths with fixed or portable supports.
  • Work health and safety requirements are met. Operators will work more effectively compared to a full manual operation. All rotating parts are in enclosed brackets.
  • Remote track option is available.

Technicial Specifications

  • 50 kg / m handling capacity.
  • Possibility to extend up to 21 m.
  • Hydraulic pistons allow the tip to be used at different heights due to the target height being increased.
  • 5 year structural guarantee *.
  • The working height is adjusted to suit the room to be used. Average height 80 cm.
  • It can be manufactured as mobile or fixed.
  • It is used in both directions, both unloading and loading.
  • Emergency stop buttons are located in the areas where the operators are located.
  • Low operating costs with energy efficient motors.
  • Front boom lights and control buttons come as standard.
  • Piston addition is available as an option to reach the required height.
  • Roller in load and discharge parts comes as standard. In this way, damage to the telescopic body is prevented in impact loads.
  • Protection bar for operator safety at the front. Even in a sensitive mood, the telescopic boom is running backwards.

* Depends on model and working conditions.